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Zack Moy
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Poetry2 min read

I walk onto the dance floor and it begins.
The DJ spins and starts the heart of night life.
As fast as the music’s going
my world’s growing faster and colder
I just wish it would slow down enough to stop sound
but before I can remember I’m hit with it:

4 measure phrases of blastin’ beats and lush licks
easy enough for even the whitest of us to dance to all night

to flashing lights

to loops of tracks to loops of tracks to loops of tracks
foregrounding the shades of people
in the shadow of the crowd as the sounds
fade in and fade

outside it’s cold outside it’s old but inside
we are young, forever
as long as we keep moving.
as long as we keep grooving.

can’t think don’t stop
can’t blink won’t stop
just sink in hip-hop
the brink of new pop ‘n lock
stocked up on substance this is your brain on drugs in clubs where
reality matters not on the body before you but —
but — but —
between you behind the grind
it’s a sign that life — ain’t good

it could be, it should be,
but it’s not.
hey, at least the music’s hot.

turning tables and spinning discs,
the DJ docks and dedocks his music like a blender
his mind mixes and remixes —
mixes mine and his remixes
and the DJ works as he rewinds-re-he-as-works-J-D-the-and
this beat brings the bass and has got
what I need to forgive and
forget how to live, oh

the music makes me wanna
the music takes me on a
the music fakes me

outside it’s cold but inside i’m shivering, stuttering
the alcohol is fluttering and I know
it’s only temporary.

the facts I fear to face,
I chase with a shot, a button down, and my two-step.

so I just dance to trance, jump and bump,
rave with sticks glowing for full passions flowing
I let it out
I get it

outside the bass bounces for the feet
inside the bass bounces to soothe the soul
mesmerizes it so I lose

controlling the music,
the DJ nods his head and shakes the lives of everyone on the floor,

we all lose our senses and I crawl back inside to just be.
without all the hurry.
without all the — rush.
time to think
time to — get in touch.

now’s not the time to go out-

but the loops of tracks the loops of
tracks the loops
of tracks

so does the hip-hop.
so does everything.

© 2006 - 2023 Zack Moy. All rights reserved.